Our Journey

Left to right: Tracy Ashley – Product Director, Autumn Yarbrough – CEO, Lenita Griffis Browning – Education Director

Lenita Griffis-Browning has one job at Nu Standard: Bridging the gap between licensed hairstylists and consumers.

She’s perfect for the job.

After all, Lenita has devoted her life’s work to educating haircare professionals and consumers, while working for the top textured haircare product manufacturers, schools, and industry educator development programs in the world.

“Lenita is equipped with the necessary understandings of textured hair wellness for all,” said Autumn Yarbrough, Nu Standard’s founder. “She’s one of the few people who knows how to restore consumers’ confidence with licensed hairstylists to achieve healthy hair.”

Nu Standard, a hair wellness company founded in 2020, believes in a three-step process – nourish, treat, and care – for clients with hair loss challenges especially with textured hair.

“Honestly D-I-Y is straight up overrated for the Busy Queen,” said Autumn, “I am an expert in many things but keeping my hair on my head is not one of them. Only an informed licensed hairstylist can help me realize my hair goals. ”

This is why Autumn figured partnering with licensed hairstylists and creating safe advanced products for professional use only would be a game-changer in the industry.

Autumn believed it was time for licensed hairstylists to have products made exclusively for them and she knew exactly where to start.

I noticed there weren’t any bond system products made specifically for textured hair. The ones I used left my hair feeling weak, dry, and brittle and that resulted  in breakage,”  Autumn said, “That’s when I knew we needed to get involved and include the stylist.”

Tracy Ashley, Nu Standard’s chemist with over 30 years of cosmetic chemistry experience, fixed the issue by co-formulating and partnering with global suppliers and manufacturers to meet the unique needs of textured hair.

Within two years, Hydrasilk was born with a commitment to licensed hairstylists. Hydrasilk, which will be available exclusively at Cosmo Prof Stores nationwide early next year, is establishing a new standard.

Teaching licensed hairstylists and clients the proper way to care for hair is so important that Autumn named Lenita as Nu Standard’s Education Director.

“With nearly 50 years of hair education, I thought I was ready to retire,” said Lenita, “But when Autumn asked me to join the Nu Standard movement and BE the change needed for textured hair wellness, I knew I had some unfinished business.”

While Lenita is devoted to Nu Standard’s education, she’s also involved in marketing, consumer relations and business development. She makes sure Nu Standard provides the industry’s best products and most up-to-date information on textured hair.

“I’m a pillar of healthy hair education,” Lenita said, “Not only because I know so much, but because I continue to learn more.”

Nu Standard is all about healthy hair innovation for textured hair. The Hydrasilk Hydrating Bond System provides intense moisture and strength to each strand of hair.

Hydrasilk’s hero application is the two-step reconstructive treatment, which reinforces the strength of each curve, twist or bend in textured hair to avoid breakage and retain hydration longer. The more consistently it’s used, the better the results.

“Before joining Nu Standard, I tried Hydrasilk’s reconstructive treatment application multiple times over an eight-month period with friends who had post covid trauma or weak , dry or damaged hair to see if the product did what it claimed to do – and the system worked exceptionally,” Lenita laughs, “I, the product snob, was impressed with the results!”

Nu Standard believes licensed stylists should be involved to help any person overcome their hair challenges or meet their hair goals. They are committed to investing in the best education and R&D for licensed hairstylists.

And this is just the beginning.

“When licensed hairstylists receive quality education about textured hair wellness,” Lenita said “we all win.”

The licensed hairstylists. Their clients. And Nu Standard.